Beginner´s camping gear ideas

Whether you are new to camping or an experienced professional, you have to make sure  that you have all the basic camping gear in place before you start camping.

A reliable tent

A reliable tent that will not let you down is the heart of every hiking trip. Vango is a safe and solid move with sizes and styles to suit everyone’s needs. A good rule to follow when buying a tent is to always increase the number by at least two extra people – for a trip to the cottage, or where it is not. ”Spirit tent and so on.

Comfortable sleeping bag

Nothing is more comfortable than curling up in a drooling sleeping bag at the end of a long day. Look for one that is light, warm and made to last – a good sleeping bag will last for a decade if you are kind to it.

Pneumatic bed

Whether it’s an inflatable mattress, a technical hiking mat or a lilac you just bought on the beach, the comfort bumper between you and the floor really makes the difference between good and bad hiking. We do not recommend the latter (although it is a good solution if your needs require it), but otherwise it depends on your personal preferences. Assuming your tent is big enough, a double inflatable bed is a great comfortable option for a couple.

Compact oven

Cooking while camping is half the fun on the road, so choose your tools wisely. The Trangia stove is a proven compact solution with a pan (so you don’t have to take them home) and an alcohol burner that creates a good flame, so you can cook everything from pasta in a pot with French fries and boil water for tea. without any problems.


Coffee made by a barista is quite rare in camps, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wake up with a solid dose of caffeine thanks to great solutions suitable for camping.

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