Surprisingly new places to visit this year – 2018

Chania, Crete, Greece
Inventive cuisine and sheltered beaches for a perfect vacation on the island

The gate under Ottoman influence and the spaghetti bowl on the cobbled streets are delicately beautiful, but Chania is invincible in terms of food. Located on the northwest coast of the Greek island, this city has a select but fast-growing scene selected from simple seaside cafes to fine Cretan fine restaurants, which attracts the taste of experts.

South Africa

Like many countries, South Africa’s tourism industry has flourished recently. But as the world took a forced break, a new generation of creators of this genre began to focus on the most diverse cultural community on the African continent. The biennial, trade shows and new spaces led by artists are at the forefront of the country’s vibrant art world, and exciting local artists – including twin sisters Noncedo and Nonzuzo Gkekva – enjoy state-of-the-art wall spaces in galleries such as the Maitland Institute . Music festivals, theater groups in the city of Soveto and an advanced café in Maboneng draw attention to Johannesburg.


Kyrgyzstan is one of the friendliest and most beautiful countries in Central Asia. Uzbekistan is known for desert deserts and narcotic cities, while Kyrgyzstan is 95% mountainous; A hilly landscape with secluded prehistoric sites and the Silk Road, dizzying gorges and sinking valleys. Its traditions are nomadic – the Kyrgyz word actually means “40 tribes” – and before Russian colonization in the 1870s, most cities, including the capital Bishkek, consisted of yurts. Settling in one of the established host families in the country is one of the best ways to experience the Kyrgyz way of life and learn about the fascinating traditions of the country.

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