Mystical shores of Oban, Scotland

Oban’s surprise can always surprise visitors !. Without warning, you are located high above Horseshoe Bay in the Firth of Lorn, granite villas that often jut into the glistening cliffs in the rain. This view is a pleasure. To the west is contemplation, to the north is Lismor, a remote small island of Kerrera. The light of the Hebrides bounced off the crimson horizons. Everything on the beach, driven by the great madness of a round tower – a stone circle built by Zeus or in this case an eccentric banker for reasons that no one could fully understand even when it was built just before. in the last century. The highlight of Fantabule Oban, when the seaside destination was the Charing Cross Plateau, the smoky chimneys of a whiskey distillery, a station built in 1880 to mark the last stop on the West Highland line.


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