Olu Deniz – Destination Overview

Located just beside the wonderful blue lagoon , Olu Deniz is backed by the dramatic babadag mountains and has some of the fantastic beaches in Turkey. The resort is located close to the popular resort of Marmaris. Apart from the beaches Olud Deniz is one of the popular destination for paragliding and has some interesting ancient sites. Turquoise lagoon is a protected national park and a perfect place for relaxing in the sun and swimming in the warm waters.

You can enjoy a wide range of water sports at Olu Deniz , the list include windsurfing,snorkelling, water-skiing, sea biking, kayaking and pedalos. There are diving schools in nearby Fethiye for scuba diving fans.

Due to stable winds and gentle sea breezes at the resort , Olu deniz is very popular with paragliders, handglides and parascenders who visit the resort for it fantastic natural views.

Apart from the wonderful beaches and water sports activities there is more for families out there ,this include boat trips to the adjacent island and the village of Gocek.

The ideal time to visit Olu Deniz is during May , June , September and October when the temperatures are in 20’s and there is a pleasent humidity in the atmosphere. During July and August the temperature is upto 32 C which fall downs to 18 C in night and the humidity is high as well. From July to September the sea water is warm as well.

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